In today’s, America, we often witness a sort of socio – economic, class – like, struggle, between, those who call themselves, Conservatives, versus, so – called, Progressives, Much ado, has been made, about certain professional athletes, demonstrating, their beliefs, and doing so, by taking – a – knee, when our National Anthem, plays at the beginning of football games, claiming to do so, to protest, and show their allegiance to, those who have suffered, and/ or been killed, perhaps, simply because of the color of their skin. Whether, each of us, believe this to be, the best course, respectful, etc, a closer examination of our Pledge of Allegiance, clearly indicates, it ends with, and liberty and justice, for all. It, therefore, should be, common sense, these words, combined with the Freedom of Speech, rights, guaranteed, by the 1st Amendment of the United States Constitution, we all need to respect the rights of others to disagree, whether we support their positions, and ideas, or not. What good is our American Way, if we fail to protect all our freedoms and liberties, as opposed to being selective, and only caring about those, we personally support? Isn’t it interesting, many of the same individuals, who loudly proclaim their 2nd Amendment Rights, don’t seem to care, so deeply, about the rights, dictated by the first?

1. Politics; rhetoric; vitriol; diversion: Whether one supports President Donald J. Trump, or believes, he is unfit, etc, there should be agreement, the man, is a master, of influencing his core supporters, in a strong way! Why has this President, made such a big deal, about a few professional football players, taking – a – knee? Is this clever politics, in order to inspire and motivate his core followers? Is it, simply, political rhetoric, in the extreme? Is it another example of spewing, vitriol, and class divisions? Or, perhaps, is it more, based on his personal/ political agenda, and self – interest, and, simply, another example/ attempt at diversion, because of his other conflicts, etc?

2. For all: Liberty and justice for all, not just certain people, who agree, with the positions and views, of an individual, regardless of his position! The late, great, George Carlin, highlighted, the rights of our citizens, famously, in many of his post – 9/11, routines, where his key component was, if we fail to protect all our freedoms, and the American way of life, the terrorists win! It is fake, to proclaim what a great American, one is, or to question others, if we selectively, pick – and – choose, which components, we protect and preserve, etc!

Freedoms just another word, for nothing left to lose, is a lyric, which should remind us, this is not about heroism, or opposing threats, but, rather, preserving, what truly, makes America great! Wake up, America, and resist the temptation, for a short – term, fix, because, those, nearly always come with undesirable, longer – term ramifications!

Source by Richard Brody