Nearly everyone would agree, we are currently going through a period, and politics, as we have not witnessed, at least, in recent memory. Some feel, that is a good thing, but many others, feel it is detrimental to the guaranteed freedoms and liberties, which have previously been the foundations, of making this nation unique, great, and the land of the free! Since September 11, 2001, many things, previously, either taken, for granted, or considered, unnecessary concerns, have become perceived priorities, due to, occasional, a combination of fears, hatred, anger, etc. However, in the last 20 months, we have undergone, what appears to be, the abandonment of the civility of the process, where the nation is under extreme polarization, and focus on personal / political agendas, and self-interest. In fact, when we witness, Congressional Hearings, or the speeches given, by our elected officials, it looks, like it's all become a CHARADE. With that in mind, this article will attempt to briefly, consider, review, and discuss, using the mnemonic approach, what this means and presents, and why, it's probably not in the nation's best interest.

1. Character; clarity; code: The recent death of Senator John McCain, has illustrated, the contrast, between former eras, when those with different views, proceeded with quality of character, as opposed to many of those, in office, today. When we need, and deserve, some additional clarity and cooperation, many, including, apparently, President Trump, constantly resort to using some sort of code, which stirs – up, anger and vitriol, rather than cooperation.

2. Healing; head / heart: We need to be represented by individuals, who seek healing, and are able to use, both their logical and emotional components, in a head / heart balance!

3. Attitude: How can anyone, represent and serve others, in the best possible manner, until / without, he proceeds, with, a consistent, constant, positive, can – do attitude?

4. Relevant; responsive; responsible; representative: We should be concerned, so many have been attracted, to Donald Trump, and his slogan, Make America Great Again, as well as his often – divisive, messages and messaging, rather than seeking the most relevant ways! Responsive leaders must be truly responsible, and do, all they can, to be representatives, for those they serve!

5. Aptitude; articulate: Governing is not a simple thing, but, rather, a combination of many factors, andoting for individuals, who are ready, willing, and capable, and develop the relevant aptitude, and skill – set! Observe how someone articulates his message, and whether it is consistent, and truthful, in order to avoid having governing, become, little more than a joke!

6. Delve deeply; deliver: The recent Senate Judiciary Committee meeting, about a potential, Supreme Court Justice, as well as many, we've recently witnessed, in Congress, concerning, issues, such as Russian involvement, the Mueller investigation, etc, seems to be contradictory to delvely correctly, honestly, and with concern for the nation, and common good, rather than politics, and, this, politicians rarely deliver, for their constituents, in a relevant, sustainable, responsible way.

7. Empathy; emphasis; excellence: When was the last time, you felt, your elected official, possessed genuine empathy, and placed his emphasis, where it was best needed, and suited? Do you believe, we are receiving the quality of governing, based on the common good, and excellence, we need, and deserve?

The process of governing should be sincere, or it becomes little more than a CHARADE! Will you become less apathetic, and demand better, from those, we elect?

Source by Richard Brody