While he has both his ardent supporters, as well as detractors (and doubters), there can be little doubt, President Donald J. Trump, engenders a strong, emotional impact, and response! More than any President, in memory, this individual, has behaved in an often – unpredictable, unusual manner. Whether it is the tone and vitriol of his rhetoric, his over – stated promises, his attitude and behavior, his unusual style of governing, or the almost – constant lying and misstatement, he certainly elicits a strong response, whether it be strongly positive, or negative! Recently, three separate issues and occurrences/ events, have shown and exhibited a certain, unusual tone, to his behavior, both as President, and as an individual. One is his battle and tone, regarding transgender individuals, serving in the military. Another was the tone, and apparent contradictory behavior (from day – to – day), in response to the unfortunate events in Charlottesville, Virginia. Now, on the heels of one of the most severe hurricanes in history, striking Texas, he pardoned Sheriff Joe Arpaio, a man convicted of disobeying a direct, court order. This article will attempt to briefly tie these events together, focusing on 5 specific items.

1. Doubling – down on Charlottesville: America is proud of its heritage of allowing and encouraging freedom of speech, as long as it remains peaceful, and non – violent. Perhaps more than anything in the history of the last century, most would agree, the Nazi atrocities in the 1930’s and 1940’s, would rank, as the most horrific strikes against humanity, etc. Yet, Mr. Trump, rather than clearly speaking out, against Nazis and White Supremacists, which nearly every sane, humane person would do, he initially blamed both sides, then the next day, spoke more strongly about the bigotry and hatred, and then, proceeded to, again, blame both sides, in a campaign – style, rally. To say the least, this behavior would be considered by most, as un – Presidential!

2. Pardoning Sheriff Arpaio, while Texas was anticipating a Category 4 Hurricane: Why Trump does certain things, and, especially, his timing, are, to say the least, somewhat baffling! For a man, who likes to emphasize the concept of law and order, how can he defend a man, who willfully, directly disobeyed a court order, regarding his behavior and orders to target Hispanics, and Hispanic – looking individuals, and seek to deport them. Perhaps, Trump liked this, because it agreed with his own attitudes, and desire to build, what I believe to be, a wall, which makes little financial or strategic sense! However, when any President uses his exclusive power to pardon, to supporter deliberate law – breakers, we must wonder, about his motives, etc!

3. Transgender individuals, and the military: The leaders of the military have stated, they do not care, one’s sexual preferences, or transgender tendencies, as long as they perform their duties. However, Trump has focused an inordinate amount of time, energy, and resources, on doing so, and, after originally, going on Twitter, to indicate his focus, then, also on the heals of the threatening storm, signed an Executive Order, prohibiting transgender people, from enlisting in the military. If it doesn’t make military sense, why is he doing so?

4. Who is he appealing to?: Is he simply doing what he feels strongly about, or simply, appealing to his political base, and spreading, additional hatred and vitriol?

5. Racism, bias, the deplorables factor, or political gamesmenship?: Whether Mr. Trump is racist, or, at least, possess much bias, or if he is trying to appeal to those who like to hate (such as the Charlottesville crowd), or if he is crazy – like – a – fox, and employing political gamesmenship, his behavior and tone, is certainly adversarial and polarizing! Whether one possesses a conservative, moderate, or progressive agenda and beliefs, there should be no doubt, that the principles of Nazis, and White Supremacists, is contrary to everything, America is supposed to be, all about!

When a President makes more effort, appealing to the coarsest instincts, rather than trying to unify and unite, for the common good, his motives, sanity, and effectiveness, should, and must, be questioned! Whether we agree politically, or not, the combination of these incidents, combined with the ever – widening, Russian investigation, Trump’s constant lying and calling anything he disagrees with, or criticizes him, False Facts, and his questionable ability to make the best decisions, should concern all Americans. While Trump would certainly call these ideas phony, etc, open your minds, and consider what’s best for the sustainability of America, and what this country, should, has, and must continue, to represent!

Source by Richard Brody