After Obama was re-elected our Think Tank looked at his popularity and his record as president, it wasn’t very good. ObamaCare turned out to not be working, the Middle East was worse than it had ever been, and the country had falling into a victimhood mentality. President Obama went around the world apologizing for America rather than promoting us. Political correctness had run amuck and race-relations were worse than they’d ever been in the US.

Obama over the years had lied to us about so much most didn’t believe anything the Teleprompter In Chief read while giving his speeches. Anyone accusing Obama of being a Muslim was ripped a new one, even though Barack Hussein Obama is a Muslim name, even though he went to an Indonesia Muslim School for only Muslims as a child.

Actually, Obama is a “Muslim” because by Muslim tradition if your father is a Muslim, you are automatically a Muslim. For Jewish people it is your “Mother” who must be Jewish for you to automatically be Jewish. That’s how it’s traditionally done. In Obama’s book he stated that his Father was Muslim, so he is a Muslim. We have freedom of religion in this country, but it is true that he is a Muslim, that’s the facts. No big deal, but it is the truth.

Was Obama really born in the USA? Well, we now know for a fact that the Certificate of Live Birth he presented was an electronic forgery – we still don’t have the real one to look at. Another thought, it is possible that Obama lied in his book. For instance, in one of the books he wrote and it states he was born in Kenya. Kenya was a British colony still at the time, so he’d be a British, Kenyan Citizen, as well as perhaps an American citizen since they either rushed him back to Hawaii for a certificate of live birth after he was born. Thus, triple citizenship.

OR, he might have lied in his own memoir book, meaning he really is a US citizen and was born in the US, which is required to run for president. I just cannot figure out which time he lied, in his book or after he wrote it to maintain eligibility to be President. But we have established on this thread that he is a Liar, a Socialist and a Muslim. Again, we have a free country here, and that’s not against the law, but it is ALL factual. Those are the facts.

There are Muslims living in the US and that is perfectly legal. There are liars in the US, we have free speech, and there is a “Socialist Party” in the USA so that isn’t illegal either. One can be a socialist without being a card carrying member, and we can merely observe this by their actions, with Obama that’s easy, he’s President currently and we can see the way he leads the country.

What will Obama’s legacy be after he leaves office? Hard to say – it depends if the media leaves all those skeletons in the proverbial Halloween Closet, I guess?

Source by Lance Winslow