@CNNPolitics was it because @realDonaldTrump wife @MELANIATRUMP was pole dancing there? Source by Dufus Don Trump
@MELANIATRUMP YOU ARE RIGHT WE SHOULD NEVER FORGET 9-11!!!! AMERICA NEEDS @reaIDoneldTrump!!… https://t.co/BkJ1ksY65W Source by Fleetwood Records
@MELANIATRUMP THIS SONG COULD HELP @realDonaldTrump GET ELECTED!!! HIS CAMPAIGN SONG!!!https://t.co/8jdEKpY7JA Source by Fleetwood Records
I wonder who's more likely to keep this garden alive between @billclinton and @MELANIATRUMP (via… https://t.co/IGG3EWyigl Source by 🙄 Austin Smith
RT @MELANIATRUMP: #memories #mywedding http://t.co/Z3mHoRre Source by Meagan