In recent days, time – and – again, we have noticed, our public, elected officials, appear to prioritize their personal/ political agenda, and self – interest, over, either the common good, or preserving and protecting, all the freedoms and liberties, which have truly made America, great! Wisdom should tell us, we cannot, and should never, approach this, in a selective way, simply because one may be more advantageous to our personal interests. When our Founding Fathers, envisioned this nation, they created a scenario, with three separate, independent branches of government, the Executive, Legislative, and Judicial. However, today, we appear to constantly be observing, members, for example, of the legislature, abandon their duties, including carefully, observing, overlooking, and consenting (or dissenting), to the decisions of the Executive Branch. Our judiciary should be independent, rather than political, yet, we constantly witness, politics ruling this process, and the individuals appointed and/ or selected. Should we remain stationary, or evolve, in order to apply the principles of liberty, and freedom, into today’s reality? The United States of America was founded on the principle, that, the Executive would submit a specific focus, and/ or approach, the Legislature, would enact laws, etc, and the Judicial Branch, would interpret laws, as they relate to the philosophy of the Constitution. With that in mind, this article will attempt to briefly consider, review, and discuss, a few related challenges, etc.

1. 2nd Amendment Rights: Isn’t it interesting, how often, politicians claim, states – rights, when it is convenient, and state, it doesn’t matter, when it suits their purposes and priorities? The 2nd Amendment, which has been simplified and politicized, to mean, The Right to Bear Arms, is one example. The reason for this amendment was to permit states to protect themselves, specifically against foreign invasions and threats, and to have their own militias. Even in the Wild West, many towns had certain gun restrictions, such as checking the guns at the Marshal’s office, or removing them, when entering a saloon, etc. We don’t permit people to use excessive force, such as nuclear and/ or chemical weapons, so why should arms, such as military – style weapons, be allowed by individuals? How many more times, will we witness unnecessary killings, etc, because certain politicians, appear to be unduly influenced, by the so – called, gun lobby? Sane gun control policy, such as background checks, restricting certain types of weapons, etc, does not restrict, even the loosest definition of this amendment!

2. 1st Amendment: Isn’t it interesting, the same individuals, who so strongly, defend the 2nd Amendment, often, fail to give the same respect to the 1st? We cannot pick – and – choose, when our freedoms, such as Freedom of Speech, the Press, religious choice (or choosing to abstain), etc! Either we protect all of these, or America will lose its greatness!

3. Court Justices and Judges: Our Justices and Judges have become more political, and less judicial! It should be their duty, to apply and interpret the laws of this land, wisely, and without political/ personal agenda, etc!

4. Executive Branch: Most people realize, President Donald Trump, whether one approves, or opposes, is unlike those who came before him! The United States has a President, and not a King, and thus, the executive must abide by the law of the land, rather than considering himself, to be above it!

5. Legislature: Our legislators have let us down! They are increasingly, proceeding with their priority, being political, rather than advice, and consent!

Forget the rhetoric, vitriol, and empty promises, and/ or governing by slogans and catch – phrases, and realize, Make America Great Again, provides no viable solution, in accord with the principles of our Constitution! It’s time, the electorate, wake – up, and stop being apathetic, and demanding, we are as great, as the Founding Fathers, envisioned!

Source by Richard Brody