When it comes to getting your business to take off, like the cleaning business, marketing strategies, used at the right time and in the right combination can definitely generate results; for your cleaning business, opportunities open one after the other.

What is an Elevator Pitch?

Have you ever taken an elevator ride? Have you ever noticed how long it takes? An elevator ride is an average of 60 seconds, more or less. So an elevator pitch is your sales pitch, which you deliver to a prospective client within a timeframe of approximately 60 seconds. Can you do that?

Apparently, believe it or not, 60 seconds, or 1 minute is quite a long time if you don’t know what to say – and too short if you have a lot of things to say. So create for your cleaning business opportunities by preparing an elevator pitch, practice it until your delivery of it becomes natural, and see it work wonders. By the way, it is called an elevator pitch because of the length of the pitch, and doesn’t necessarily have to be done only in elevator rides.

What is Included in an Elevator Pitch?

First of all, can you summarize your business and services in a brief explanation of about 60 seconds? Yes you can. First, write down the key points of your business and the key points of your services. Then work on those key points on coming up with a few lines about your cleaning business, marketing it to yourself first. Do you sound convincing enough? That’s the first line of your pitch: interest. Say something that will interest the other person you’re talking to. You need that person’s attention for 60 seconds, and you need that person’s attention right away.

The person you’re talking to may not directly be your prospective client. However, he or she may know someone who could be your prospective client, or they could be suppliers or contractors that can help you with your business. So whichever they may be, always do your best in delivering an elevator pitch.

So to make this work, use memorable words when talking about your house cleaning business. Memorable words are often remembered because it made an impact on the person. So use these words or phrases when making your pitch. For example, you may say “with cleaning services, you can save lots of money. I can help you on which services to choose to get the best deal”. So after saying something memorable, you can end your pitch by repeating your name, and that of your house cleaning business too.

Source by Janice Fowler