Why is it that a Democrat Congressman with previous ethics violations continues to cause conflict in America? How is it that such people rise to the top of the food chain in the leadership ranks of the Democrat Party? Isn’t inciting a riot a crime? We know a season is 90-days, or three months, but do we really need over 3-months of protests in America, isn’t the American Psyche getting protest fatigue? Is this all the left-side of the political spectrum has anymore?

Besides Al Sharpton other democrat trouble makers are calling for protests, riots, and even hinting at the need for a Civil War. In fact, Michael Moore is promoting the concept of “100-days of resistance, starting with Donald Trump’s inauguration,” while giving an interview for Salon (dot) com. Didn’t we just get over the BLM – Black Lives Matter protests and riots partially paid for by political operative Billionaire George Soros? Do we really need any more civil unrest in America?

The Salon story stated; “He [Michael Moore] will start by attending the women’s march, which he described as a ‘bold message’ to remind the president-elect that women’s rights are human rights.” Wait, am I missing something here? Wasn’t it Barack Obama who bowed to the King of Saud in Saudi Arabia and gave a speech in Cairo, for which he received a Nobel Peace Prize, about what a great way of life Islam is, a culture that puts women in the back seat, unless there are land minds and then they walk in front of the men. The left suddenly, and in their infinite hypocrisy, finds a soft spot in their hearts for women?

And, yes, their candidate was defeated, not because she was a woman, rather due to personal character flaws which have followed her, her entire life. The right doesn’t have anything against women, the right has something against lies, hypocrisy, fake economic numbers, political correctness, and the disruptors of society busy looting, rioting and burning out store fronts.

Look, here is the thing, we are finally retiring a Community Protest Organizer turn President, who sent race-relations in America back 40-years and we hardly need any more of this nonsense. The left lost this election, not due to the Russians hacking the DNC revealing their true colors, but because the left, had left the middle class high-and-dry with bad policies one-after-another. Wasn’t it Obama himself that told the American People, “elections have consequences” as he rammed his socialist policies down our throats? Now that the left didn’t get their way – they want to riot and protest?

One of Donald Trump’s campaign promises was that he was going to bring “Law and order back to America” and in part, the Trump Campaign won on that message, yet the left wants to continue this misbehavior, protests and criminal behavior – and yes, it is a Class-C Felony to incite a riot. When will the left stop acting out and start acting like adults? Think on this, and as always Be Great, Don’t Hesitate!

Source by Lance Winslow